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Fallen Man and “the News”

I always find it interesting to see what “news” is being reported each day. In fact, I am usually surprised if there is any good news being reported at all. Occasionally, one might hear of the stock market going up or a new development in technology that is going to solve some medical problem, but very rarely will one get good news from the media these days. This fact only goes to show how fallen man is. I am thankful, that everyday, I can get up in the morning and read some really good news – the gospel! The good news is that Jesus Christ paid for my sin! What a contrast between the good news of the Bible and the so called “news” the media puts out today.

I remember when I was a child visiting my grandparents who lived in Sedan, Kansas, the local newspaper would call and ask, “Do you have any news to report today?” My grandma would say, “I have my grandchildren from Oklahoma visiting with me this week.” The next Sunday there would be a little article saying how Irene McAfee’s grandchildren from Oklahoma were in town visiting her. That may not seem like much to most people, but to my grandma, that was a pretty big deal. And I can just see her going to the grocery store or to church and having someone ask, “So your grandkids came to visit you this week?” and she would gleam about what we did together while we were there.

I’ve decided to compile a list of what might be some really great news stories below:

  • The Screen Actors Guild vows to never use profanity or nudity in movies
  • The Supreme Court decides the Constitution really is the law and that it should be interpreted plainly
  • Congress decides to become a truly ethical institution
  • Blue laws become popular again
  • Gas prices drop to below $1 a gallon
  • Congress passes a 10% flat tax and balances the budget accordingly
  • News outlets commit to becoming truly fair and balanced
  • Manners, courtesy and politeness become the norm of society

These are just a few examples of good news that I would love to see reported and perhaps my readers can think of more. Feel free to add your two cents in the comments section and maybe I’ll add them to the list.

July 8, 2012 - Posted by | Good news, Good Ole Days, Happy Days, Sedan, Kansas


  1. 1.)There is no longer a minimum wage law.
    2.) Apprenticeships replaces colleges.
    3.) There is no mandatory school attendance in the U.S.
    4.) Churches start schools in every state of America to assimilate immigrants.
    5.) There is no need for welfare due to churches in America being able to supply them with food and train poor people to carry out the cultural mandate found in Genesis.
    6.) There is a cure found for every tropical chronic disease.
    7.) Children are no longer solely consumers but are producers as well.
    8.) There is no longer a property tax.
    9.) America begins to open up more oil refineries.
    10.) There is a new fuel that replaces gasoline that is owned by several private companies.

    Comment by gq | July 10, 2012 | Reply

  2. That’s a pretty good list!

    Comment by Rev. David P. McAfee | July 14, 2012 | Reply

  3. There are probably many definitions of the word “miracle.” I define “miracle” as God acting in the life or lives of people in such a way that man cannot say he did it, or that it occurred naturally. I think we can accurately say a miracle has occurred in the life of Michael Gereaux. Michael is a Sangre de Cristo Seminary graduate and is married to Marie, the daughter of Andrew Zeller, our seminary president, and his wife Bethann. Michael has been in the hospital since April, suffering from Guillain–Barré syndrome, an acute autoimmune disorder that affects the peripheral nervous system and leaves the patient totally paralyzed. As a seminary family, we have been praying fervently for Michael.

    Comment by Abby Hayden | January 28, 2013 | Reply

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